A Full Suite of Services

From studio-class photography to advanced social-media management to PR and graphic design, Digital a-Go-Go is your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.


The choice of more than 15 of Thailand’s best go-go bars, Digital a-Go-Go is the leader in nightlife photography. Our portable studio makes your talent look their best and creates the best image for your business.

Social Media

Blanket your brand across all the major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, IG Reels, Twitter/X and Threads.

Our team works daily to “beat the algorithm” by sharing your content to more than 130 groups and pages, creating audiences in the millions each month.

Pro-active account building targets potential customers, growing your follower counts while our network of influencers spreads your content to their tens of thousands of fans.

Graphic Design

From party posters and menus to wall signs and vinyl door coverings, Digital a-Go-Go’s graphic-design projects blanket Bangkok’s Nana Plaza and bars across the city.

Unlimited print and digital graphic design is included free in every marketing package.

PR / Media

Digital a-Go-Go is not just a marketing agency, it’s a full media platform that spans social media, press releases, blogs, influencers and the two biggest, oldest, best-known and trusted nightlife websites on the internet: Stickman Bangkok and Dave the Rave.

Whether you’re promoting a party, drink promotion, influx of new talent, renovation or other event, you can be sure your current and prospective customers will read about it on the Digital a-Go-Go network.

Digital Platforms

There is more to digital marketing than just social media. To truly reach new customers, you need to leverage the power of Google Business, Line Official Accounts, TripAdvisor and even direct email. Digital a-Go-Go also offers full customer Wi-Fi systems to boost customer retention.

Website Development

Even in the age of social media, websites remain vital. Google considers a website the hub of your entire online presence. If you don’t have a website, you’ve hobbled your overall marketing.

Digital a-Go-Go has nearly 30 years of building cutting edge websites, including this one, and sites for go-go bars Billboard Bangkok and Butterflies Bangkok.

Frequently Asked Questions

While all of our services are available on an a la carte basis, most people bundle them into a “standard” package for a discounted monthly fee. Included are:

  • Social Media Management – 1 post daily to Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories & Twitter/X.
  • Photography – 1 on-site photoshoot a month, up to 2.5 hours.
  • Graphic Design – Unlimited print/digital projects, as needed.
  • PR / Media – Publication of photos, promotions, parties, events and other news to Stickman Bangkok and Dave the Rave, plus press release distribution to the Digital a-Go-Go Influencer Network.

No, it’s not. You can simply subscribe to the Social Media package, which still includes free unlimited graphic design, PR and media.

You can then arrange photoshoots as you need. However, these will be charged at the a la carte rate.

Alternatively, you can arrange more than one photoshoot a month, if you prefer, even at the same package price. Contact us to discuss how these are configured.

Because of our consistently high quality, we can deliver an unparalleled number of fully edited and processed photos. From a typical 60-90 minute photoshoot you’ll receive 60-80 photos, sometimes more.

Yes! We not only include daily Instagram feed posts, but a daily IG Story is included in every Social Media package.

As for Tik-Tok, it requires video content. If you  supply the content, we’ll set up your Tik-Tok account and publish to it for a small additional monthly fee.

If you don’t have the videos, you can arrange for Digital a-Go-Go to shoot them. In that case, the Tik-Tok account/publishing is free.

In either case, your videos will be published as IG and Facebook Reels at no extra charge.


Putting aside the fact that, as a busy club owner, you often don’t have time to manage your social media, our team goes beyond simply posting to your Facebook page.

  1. We publish daily to all the major social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, IG Stories, IG Reels and Twitter/X. Tik-Tok is an available option, too. We use analytics to determine the best time of day to post to each channel and re-evaluate that schedule monthly.
  2. We have dedicated staff that shares your posts to more than 130 Facebook groups. This lets you “beat the algorithm” and grow your audience into the millions each month.
  3. Our Pro-Active Account Building service targets users on platforms like Instagram and Twitter/X who would be interested in your venue and gets them to like and follow you.

So-called ‘digital marketers” are a dime a dozen, even in Thailand. But, on closer inspection, they’re just Facebook/Twitter button pushers.

Digital a-Go-Go sets itself apart from the crowd with its 38+ years of media experience and it’s management of Thailand’s two biggest, oldest most-popular, and respected nightlife websites: Stickman Bangkok and Dave the Rave.

Together, these sites offer the largest highly targeted audience of people who live in Thailand and frequent Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Pattaya, plan to visit those areas soon, or have visited.

Digital a-Go-Go also has built a network of online influencers to whom we distribute professionally written press releases and top-quality photos to promote your venue.

As everyone’s needs vary, your rate will be customized to fit your business. Contact us and we’ll prepare a quote to fit your needs and budget.

Level Up Your Nightlife Brand!

Maximize your brand’s impact with our specialized digital, photo and PR solutions, specifically designed for Thailand’s vibrant nightlife scene.

With unmatched experience and best-in-class practices, we put your venue front and center, showcasing it to millions with top-tier photography. Our meticulous approach and commitment to excellence ensure your name stands out and reaches more potential customers, giving you a leg up in the bustling nightlife market.