From Then to Now: Our Story

Digital a-Go-Go has deep roots, planted as far back as 1987. Over the years, we’ve grown and branched out into the multifaceted photography, marketing, and PR agency you see today. Read more of our story below.


Media and content have been at our core since our inception. With beginnings at the Los Angeles Times in 1987 and years spent covering the White House and Congress, our founder boasts more than 35 years in media and public relations.

internet pioneers

The roots of Digital a-Go-Go trace back to our first online endeavor in 1995. At a time when the World Wide Web was in its infancy, we foresaw the transformative potential of the internet.

nana plaza marketing

In 2016, the groundwork for Digital a-Go-Go was laid when our founder became Nana Plaza’s first marketing manager under present ownership. Here, foundational relationships were forged, underpinned by trust, quality and integrity.

The Dollhouse Bangkok

Trust Drives Today's Success

In Thailand’s nightlife industry, trust is currency. Even though they’re competitors, Bangkok’s top go-go bars have chosen Digital a-Go-Go, drawn not only by our expertise, but proven trust in our founder. His consistent fairness at Nana Plaza set the standard: always unbiased, always reliable.


While others falter, we have maintained a solid track record, consistently delivering high-quality work. Our unyielding integrity means we meet every deadline and never compromise on quality.

Reliable Stewardship

Bar owners have confidently handed us the reins to their online assets, knowing we prioritize their best interests. We’ve proven our trustworthiness, ensuring digital properties are safe and well-managed.

Partnerships Beyond Paper

Our connections are cemented in mutual respect and understanding. It’s more than just contracts; it’s a shared journey towards success.

Stickman Bangkok: The Digital a-Go-Go Q&A

Since Digital a-Go-Go began supplying photos to the weekly Stickman Bangkok column several years ago, Stick has nagged us about sitting down for an interview. After this site launched in September 2023, we finally did.

The Q&A gives more background an insight into us as people and a company than this page could show. Here are some selected excerpts, but you can read the entire interview on the Stickman Bangkok website.

My first Thailand stamp in my passport came in 1995. I was working as an editor for the Nikkei Weekly in Tokyo and had to do a visa run. (Yes, it’s not only Thailand!) Fares to Bangkok back then were stupid cheap, so I went to Thailand for three days. Read more…

Digital a-Go-Go is a brand, not a standalone business. It’s one brand under the umbrella of an actual company, Fintech Management Services, a partnership I was invited to join into with a British marketing and content veteran. FTMS is a proper “by the book” company that has paid Thai staff, work permits, pays taxes, issues VAT receipts and does all the other stuff actual companies have to do. Read more…

 did my first bar shoots as the Nana marketing manager in 2016 and have been doing them since. So that’s more than seven years now. By the end of this month, I’ll have done more than 60 shoots this year alone. Read more…

I now have Sony A7iv, A7iii and A6400 cameras. I’ve got about a dozen lenses, but, for bar shoots, almost exclusively shoot with the Sony 50mm f/1.2 GM lens and Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM. For parties and events, I also toss the Sony 35mm f/1.8 in my bag. Read more…

A Snapshot of Our Network

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Maximize your brand’s impact with our specialized digital, photo and PR solutions, specifically designed for Thailand’s vibrant nightlife scene.

With unmatched experience and best-in-class practices, we put your venue front and center, showcasing it to millions with top-tier photography. Our meticulous approach and commitment to excellence ensure your name stands out and reaches more potential customers, giving you a leg up in the bustling nightlife market.